What’s That Bathroom Remodel Worth?

The San Diego real estate market may not be the first option to invest in, but if you are planning to sell, rent, or even stay longer in your new home, then you might want to think about remodeling the bathroom. The bathroom is not just one of the basic areas in a home—it is the most practical area of the house and one of the first rooms prospective buyers look at. Many of us find it difficult to get through the day if there is no running water through the sink or the shower. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the bathroom design that 40 or 20 year old house came with, you might want to consider investing in a bathroom remodel.  Upgraded flooring, countertops, tubs and premium sinks and vanities all contribute to the style and value of your home remodel.

According to the US Census Bureau, approximately $9 billion was spent for bathroom remodels in the last year. Although this number seems too large, the prices of the houses sold after the remodel increased at $11,857 (about 74.6% of the bathroom redesign cost). States such as Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and other states in the West, South, and Central areas enjoyed the average increase 83.4% to the value of residential homes that had bathrooms remodeled.

The numbers basically show that an investment can easily be done by updating or reinventing your current bathroom’s design and utilities. You not only get bang for your buck; you gain much more once the deal is sealed because of that bathroom. Most real estate buyers are looking for a house that needs little work done. If you are living in a house that dates back to the 70s, it might be best to update the bathroom’s sink fixtures with premium double vanities from stores such as PremiereVanities.com or other modern sink fixtures. For bathrooms that have a large tub occupying half the area, it might be more practical to have it removed and replaced with a bigger shower. The extra space might also be needed for more legroom and maybe a bigger sink for small homes that only have one bathroom. If you have the budget for it, then you might want to replace the medicine cabinets with shelves to create the illusion of space. If you have done other redesigns to the rest of your home, it might be time to match the bathroom’s look to your contemporary interiors or country home aesthetic.

All these changes will either entice more prospective buyers or keep you living in your home for the long term. Bathroom remodels are always welcome, especially when done in a practical yet attractive manner. To be sure about your investment, you can study the type of families or couples that usually look into buying your home. What type of house are they looking for? Do they have particular comments when they look into the bathroom? If you were to buy this house, what attracts you to the bathroom? What doesn’t entice you into imagining it as a part of your life? All these considerations will help in forming the look of your bathroom remodel. Once you have settled on a plan and design, you can start looking for budget friendly materials that will keep your investment at a fair price.

7 San Diego Hot Spots

A variety of cultures, local favorites and hot spots can be found in San Diego.  The city is defined by the culture, known to many as a city of full of life, liberty and love, visited by thousands of people all year round.  It’s not only one of the best places to visit for a short vacation or long holiday, it’s also a great place to call home.  If you live somewhere that doesn’t offer perfect weather no matter the season, friendly people, great beaches and a wealth of other simple pleasures, you may want to consider relocating to America’s finest city.  Find yourself some good San Diego movers and get your family down here.

During your next trip to San Diego, these are some of the best places to visit:

Mission Beach and Belmont Park

Mission Beach is the best in North America, as it provides good beer, a great tan, fish tacos, swimming activities, and an amazing boardwalk covering more than four miles. This beach is defines California through its cool water and warm sand, making it possible for the anybody to spend the entire day barbecuing, reading, drinking beside the beach, swimming and roller-blading. Belmont Park is even connected directly to the boardwalk having a year-round carnival area with a roller coaster, the awesome and tilt-a-whirl beach shoppes, sweatshirts, and many more.

Farmer’s Market in Ocean Beach

This is San Diego’s care-free hippie side with many things to offer, like the dog beach, the tidepools, and of course, the farmer’s which market opens from 4-8 pm every Wednesday. Some of the things to be found here are starving artist’s paintings, handcrafted jewelry, and the area’s freshest produce.

Gaslamp District

Visiting this place makes you to love your visit even if you have visited Southern California before. From high-scale shopping and sidewalk cafes to the extreme nightlife and baseball games, everybody has a lot to enjoy from this historic area. The Gaslamp is a district known for the parties, where festivities are held for the hottest holidays such as Mardi Gras, Halloween and St. Patty’s Day. Every weekend, themed parties are everywhere at the different bars, providing the greatest spots for the party-lovers.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is not far from downtown San Diego, and it is full of museums, theaters, luscious grassy knolls, and many other attractions. This is where you can walk across Laurel Bridge and have a picnic, with grandoise architecture, the Old Globe and museums being what create an experience that will never be forgotten.


Tijuana is a piece of San Diego even if it is in another country – Mexico. It is where you can easily become part of a lively culture full of margaritas and carnitas. The city offers what you cannot find in the United States – cheaper items and good Mexican music to which you can dance.

Taco Tuesday of Pacific Beach

Every week, this event takes place. Tacos of all types are sold for less than $2 each in restaurants, making it to be for people of all classes. On Garnet street, there are many restaurants and strip of bars taking part in this interesting event. Therefore, you should consider visiting this place the next time you are down.

Cowles Mountain

Cowles Mountain provides a good workout for anybody on vacation, and it is a 4-mile side-winding, roundtrip trail which will always make your day.

Those are the 7 San Diego hotspots for you if you are looking for how and where to have fun.

Top 10 Lists For San Diego County

When you talk about the “Top Ten” in the same context of San Diego, there are just so many things that fit.  San Diego is such a wonderful place that it can be a challenge to pinpoint what the top ten spots are in this lovely city.  Here’s a list of top ten neighborhoods categorized by factors that are the most common wants amongst people living and/or moving here.


Top 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods:

  1. Mission Beach
  2. Midway District
  3. North City
  4. Black Mountain Ranch
  5. Torrey Highlands
  6. La Jolla
  7. Del Mar Heights
  8. Mission Hills
  9. Carmel Valley
  10. La Playa

Top 10 Neighborhoods With The Lowest Reported Crime Rates

  1. Torrey Preserve
  2. Black Mountain Ranch
  3. Rancho Penasquitos
  4. Sabre Springs
  5. Paradise Hills
  6. Burlingame
  7. Alta Vista
  8. Miramar Ranch North
  9. Islenair
  10. Del Mar Heights

Top 10 Neighborhoods With The Highest Crime Rates Reported

  1. Balboa Park
  2. Kearny Mesa
  3. Mission Valley West
  4. Mission Bay Park
  5. Horton Plaza
  6. Tijuana River Valley
  7. Gaslamp
  8. San Pasqual
  9. Old Town
  10. Otay Mesa

Top 10 Neighborhoods With The Highest Graduate Population

  1. Carmel Valley
  2. Torrey Preserve
  3. Torrey Pines
  4. Del Mar Heights
  5. Torrey Highlands
  6. North City
  7. Miramar Ranch North
  8. La Jolla Village
  9. La Jolla
  10. Rancho Penasquitos

Top 10 Neighborhoods For Those Who Frequent Public Transportation

  1. Gaslamp
  2. Core / Columbia
  3. Park West
  4. East Village
  5. Horton Plaza
  6. Little Italy
  7. Harborview
  8. Teralta East
  9. Cortez
  10. Grant Hill

Top 10 Neighborhoods With The Best Rated Public Schools

  1. Torrey Highlands
  2. Del Mar Heights
  3. Miramar Ranch North
  4. Sunset Cliffs
  5. Carmel Valley
  6. Del Cerro
  7. Mission Hills
  8. Carmel Mountain
  9. Rancho Penasquitos
  10. La Jolla

Top 10 Neighborhoods Prone To Wildfires

  1. San Pasqual
  2. Scripps Ranch
  3. Rancho Bernardo
  4. Rancho Penasquitos
  5. Carmel Valley
  6. Rancho Encantada
  7. Black Mountain Ranch
  8. Tierrasanta
  9. Miramar
  10. Miramar Ranch North

This is by no means a complete list of “Top 10′s”, but it’s certainly a starting point for other great lists.  We’ll be compiling other favorites over the next few months.  Stay tuned…